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Random Testing in Columbus Metro area

There may be a number of circumstances in which you or someone you know may be asked or required to submit to random drug testing. The most common scenario is likely to be through your job. But you also might encounter random testing as part of legal proceedings such as a divorce or child custody case or other social services programs. You or a loved one facing a challenge with substance abuse, might also volunteer to be randomly tested as part of formal drug rehabilitation or as part of an informal family agreement addressing a family member’s substance abuse.

If your employer has a random drug testing policy, it will probably be administered in way to make sure it is, in fact, random. That means no one has advance notice as to when testing will occur or exactly which employees will be up for testing on each occasion. It is often handled by a computer application so that no one can influence when testing is called for or whose “number is up.”

Even if you don’t have a random testing policy in place at your job, you may explore setting up an individual random testing program for yourself or a family member. For instance, concern about a former spouse abusing drugs or alcohol might be an issue in a divorce or custody case. Setting up an individual random testing program as part of the agreement between the parties protects everyone in question, especially the children, and ensures compliance with a parenting agreement or visitation order by both parties.

A similar arrangement might be put in place for an intact family to assist with a teenager or other family member struggling with a substance abuse problem. Agreeing to a program of random, on demand testing, can increase other family members trust and peace of mind, and help reinforce the resolve of the person with the challenge to stay clean.

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ARCpoint Labs of Columbus Metro area can be your partner for any arrangement of that nature. Contact us today and let us help you set up a random testing protocol that meets your family’s needs. We can also help you make sure you are prepared for any testing that you may undergo at work or in another supervised setting, such as social services, probation, juvenile proceedings, etc.

The best case scenario is to make sure, no matter how often or under what circumstances you are asked to submit to a drug test, that your results will be negative. If there is a question in your mind as to what might happen, contact ARCpoint Labs of Columbus Metro area directly and arrange for your own independent and confidential test. That will take a lot of the worry of the unknown out of the process.

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