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Prescription Monitoring in Columbus Metro area

They may be clearly labeled and commercially packaged, but when they’re abused prescription drugs are just as deadly as any controlled substance found on the street. Celebrity cases garner more attention, but prescription drug abuse and overdoses affect everyday people too. When people share prescriptions and give little thought to potential interaction with their own medications, the results can be dangerous and even tragic. Counterfeit prescription drugs are also a danger because their inconsistent dosages can lead to inadvertent overdose.


Methadone is commonly used to battle heroin addiction, but this powerful drug carries its own risks.


Suboxone is a combination drug used to treat opioid addiction that can itself be addictive.


Potent on its own, Fentanyl is often combined with other painkillers, producing deadly results.

Reduce the Risk of Prescription Drug Misuse

The abuse of prescription drugs is a growing concern and a serious public health and safety problem. Prescription monitoring is often used to ensure that prescriptions are being followed per a doctor’s recommendations and also to identify people who may be abusing drugs. If warranted, appropriate clinical intervention programs can be implemented to achieve the best possible outcome.

ARCpoint Labs of Columbus Metro area specialized laboratory testing and reporting services provide physicians with the information and support needed to enhance and optimize the care of chronic pain patients. Monitoring via prescription drug testing can assist a physician in making more informed clinical decisions while also helping reduce the possible risk of misuse and possible subsequent abuse or diversion of powerful medications.

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